Mold steel manufacturer, ferroalloy supplier
      ——The innovation marketing way of initiating the self-help crowdordering

Company Profile

Zhijiefeng (Shenzhen) Trading Co., Ltd is a management and service company focusing on the whole industry chain of mold steel for ten years, which aims at supply of raw material and product output. The company has achieved annual sales of almost 100 million yuan, which deserves a seat among the field of mould steel in Huangshi.

There are three special steel (mould steel) production bases in Huangshi. :

Huangshi Weifeng New Materials Technology Co., LTD

Hubei Sanye Heavy Industry Technology Co. LTD

Huangshi Youli Special Steel Co. LTD

Collaborative Advantage

There are sufficient procurement orders of mold steel and special steel in the three companies。These three companies purchase H13,D3,A2,P20,SDK61,DC53, 1.2379,1.2344,1.2738,Cr12MoV,SKD11,and D2 all year round, so there is no necessary to worry about the production orders。

The company has enough inventory of alloy raw materials. The following materials are always stock, such as Molybdenum iron, vanadium iron, high carbon chromium iron, high carbon ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, ferrotungsten, etc, making your usage and addition of the alloy worry-free during the process of steel-making.

Company Environment 


Our Honor

The operation instructions of group buying and crowdordering:
1.Initiating self-help group buying and crowdordering.
2.Filling in the form
3. Signing the contract of intention to confirm the authenticity of the purchase after the order is reviewed by us.(increasing the effectiveness, and filtering?false orders).
4. Making a order successfully, and checking the current progress.
5. Once the crowdordering is placed successful, signing a formal sales contract, making payment and delivering goods.