AISI H13 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate, DIN 1.2344, JIS SKD61

AISI H13 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate, DIN 1.2344, JIS SKD61


H13 steel is the most representative hot-working tool steel which was used widely. Such as molds for extrusion and metal die-casting molds. It also is called DIN 1.2344 and JIS SKD61 steel. H13 steel round bar sheet plate heat treatment requirements are very strict. The great annealing processing would improve the performance of steel. H13 steel chemical composition and more information as below.

1.2344 Steel Characteristics

  1. High hardenability and toughness
  2. Great resistance for thermal cracking
  3. The secondary hardening ability in tempering is bad due to its lower carbon content
  4. The deformation is small after heat treatment
  5. Good machinability

H13 Steel Application

h13 steel hot work mold

1.2344 steel has good mechanical properties and is used widely in industry, such as forming extrusion dies, forging die with large impact load, precision forging die and etc. It can satisfy the needs of the quality requirements of the mold. By the way, the surface of the mold passes through nitriding or cyanidation, the service life of the mold would increase.

1.2344 Steel Physical Properties

Density(@20°C/68°F)7.80 g/cmm³0.282 lb/in³
Melting Point1427℃2600°F

1.2344 Steel Mechanical Properties

Tensile strength, ultimate(@20°C/68°F, varies with heat treatment)1200-1590 MPa174000-231000 psi
Tensile strength, yield(@20°C/68°F, varies with heat treatment)1000-1380 MPa145000-200000 psi
Reduction of area(@20°C/68°F)50.00%50.00%
Modulus of elasticity(@20°C/68°F)215 GPa31200 ksi
Poisson’s ratio0.27-0.300.27-0.30
h13 tool steel

H13 Steel Grade Equivalent Chart

StandardASTM A681-08
Alloy Tool Steel
EN ISO 4957:1999
Tool Steel
JIS G4404: 2006
Alloy Tool Steel
ISO 4957: 1999
Tool Steel

H13 Steel Chemical Composition and Equivalent Grades

ASTM A681-08
Alloy Tool Steel
EN ISO 4957:1999
Tool Steel
JIS G4404: 2006
Alloy Tool Steel
ISO 4957: 1999
Tool Steel

H13 Steel Plate Sheet Round Bar Heat Treatment


Heat slowly to 1550°-1650°F, hold until entire mass is heated through, and cool slowly in the furnace (40F per hour) to about 1000°F, after which cooling rate may be increased. Suitable precautions must be taken to prevent excessive carburization or decarburization.

Stress Relieving

When desirable to relieve the strains of machining, heat slowly to 1050°-1250°F, allow to equalize, and then cool in still air (Strain Relieving).

Preheat Prior to Hardening

Warm slightly before charging into the preheat furnace, which should be operating at 1400°-1500°F.


H13 tool steel is a steel having very high hardenability and should be hardened by cooling in still air. The use of a salt bath or controlled atmosphere furnace is desirable to minimize decarburization, and if not available, pack hardening in spent pitch coke is suggested. The temperature employed is usually 1800°-1850°F, depending on size section.

h13 material


Quench in still air or dry air blast. If complicated forms are to be hardened, an interrupted oil quench can be used. Quench part in oil and remove from the bath when it just loses its color (1000°-1100°F). Finish cooling to below 150°-125°F in air, then tempers immediately.


Tempering is carried out in 1.2344 tool steels from 538 to 649°C (1000 to 1200°F) to obtain Rockwell C hardness of 53 to 38. Double tempering can also be performed in these steels for every one hour at the preferred tempering temperature.

H13 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate Supply

Round Bar

Specification: Dia Max 800mm; Length: 3000-5800mm
Surface: original black, peeled, polished, machined


Specification: thickness: 16-800mm; width: 205-810mm; length: 3000-5800mm
Surface: original black, machined, polished

Stock List

H13 Steel Stock List 2020-6-11

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